What Is Polystyrene Composite Material And The Benefit?
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What Is Polystyrene Composite Material And The Benefit?

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What Is Polystyrene Composite Material And The Benefit?


Polystyrene composite is new building material, which is high-density materials with anti-oxidation, anti-UV in co-extrusion technology, with imitate wood texture craftsmanship, we solved the problems of moth corrosion, fading color and flammable for outdoor wooden structures, that make us different in the market. Our range in composite gazebo kits, composite pavilions, pergola shed.


Here are some general benefits associated with composite materials:

Strength and Stiffness: Composites often exhibit high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios, making them strong and durable while remaining lightweight.

Corrosion Resistance: Many composite materials are resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for applications in harsh environments where traditional outdoor living materials might degrade.

Reduced Maintenance: Due to their resistance to corrosion and other environmental factors, composites often require less maintenance compared to traditional outdoor wood canopy or steel patio covers.

Fatigue Resistance: Composites can have excellent fatigue resistance, meaning they can withstand repeated stress cycles without failure.

Thermal Insulation: Some composite materials offer good thermal insulation properties, making them suitable for applications where temperature control is important.

Electrical Insulation: Certain composites provide electrical insulation, making them suitable for applications where conductivity needs to be minimized.

Design Flexibility: Composites can be molded into complex shapes, providing designers with greater flexibility in creating outdoor covered patio structures.

Excessive felling of trees will consume natural resources and destroy existing forest resources, leading to soil erosion, water pollution and other problems, and affecting the living conditions of wild animals and plants. The country has gradually taken measures to restrict or ban illegal logging to protect ecological resources.

We keep continue to introduce advanced production equipment、technology and personnel, aim to create the excellent products and reduce the environmental issues. We are offering client a new way to enjoy the amazing garden, the four seasons garden house. After long-term accumulation and development, our products have been sold well at domestic and abroad market, and won the reputation of consumers. Enoch has become one of the Expert in building a covered patio.

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