Pergolas Built-In Water Drainage System
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Pergolas Built-In Water Drainage System

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Pergolas Built-In Water Drainage System

all our different styles of pergolas have built-in drainage systems, since precipitation can have a negative impact on the stability of a pergola, A built-in water drainage system efficiently manage rainwater and prevent water accumulation on the pergolas with roofs.


We provide different pergolas ideas that designed grooves and outlets channels of the pergola footings to prevent rain/snow from accumulating inside and avoiding weathering and corrosion. Even in the pouring rain, you can spend time covered outdoor. With ideal drainage, you and the garden furniture under pergola with canopy will stay dry.


Integrated Drainage Channels, the pergolas come with gutters along the edges of the pergola shutters kit to collect rainwater to direct water flow effectively towards downspouts.

Whether pavilion 10x10, 3x3/3x4 meters pergola manual or electric pergola or metal patio shades, they all have drainage system function, making our louvered roof pergola especially popular in markets in various countries.

By incorporating these features into the design and installation of your pergola, you can create a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space that effectively manages rainwater and prevents issues related to water accumulation.

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