A Difference Between Aluminum Pergola And Metal Pergola?
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A Difference Between Aluminum Pergola And Metal Pergola?

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A Difference Between Aluminum Pergola And Metal Pergola?

In general, aluminum shade covers pergolas are often considered more expensive than those patio metal covers. This is due to several factors:


Material Characteristics: aluminum patio cover kits are known for being lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion. These characteristics make it an attractive choice for outdoor structures for patio. However, these properties also contribute to its higher cost compared to some other metal pergola kits

Maintenance and Longevity: aluminum patio kit typically require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan, which can justify the higher initial pergola cost through long-term savings.

Manufacturing Processes: The production processes for aluminum materials, including extrusion and finishing, the cost of aluminum patio cover is higher compared to some other metals.

Weight and Transportation: Aluminum's lightweight nature can make it easier to transport and handle, but it can also contribute to a higher cost compared to heavier metals due to the specific manufacturing and handling requirements.

Given these factors, when comparing a metal pergola to an aluminum pergola with the same specifications, it's likely that the aluminum patio covers cost would be more expensive. However, the specific cost difference can vary based on the exact specifications, the market, and the metal pergola company.

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